Logos: Bible-Study Software for Macintosh

Gutenberg invented the printing press. Was he moved to do so in order to spread the Word of God? Or did he fall in love with the idea, with the gadget?

Folks, I struggle with idolatry, with gadget-worship. My wife could chuck the whole thing and walk off into the woods, but I’ve been in love with computational devices since I was four years old. My workstation is named “Galatea” as a warning to myself: it’s only a machine.

So let’s leave gadget-lust aside, and consider Gutenberg’s primary motivation: celebrating the glory of God’s Word.

Folks, I’m an ignorant lout when it comes to the Bible. I grew up in a culture that punished children for asking questions about it; a few sessions of Sunday anti-school later, I stuck the Bible into the same box as sex, death, and taxes: mysteries that made adults uncomfortable. Best not to speak of them. How sad. How ironic, given all the passion and scholarship invested by past generations.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Not even close. Our generation ain’t done yet.

The brilliant people at Logos Bible Software have taken everything they know about Bible scholarship, and everything they know about computers, to deliver an interactive tool that recaptures Gutenberg’s accomplishment for our 21st century. Finally, concordances that make sense, Strong’s numbers instantly revealing the precise word used in a passage. Parallel translations at your fingertips.

Logos is generally used by Bible scholars, seminars students, and clergy. No doubt it saved them time when trying to provide deeper insight for people like me. But for someone like me, it’s a mind-blower: I can read any number of interpretations, right along with the Bible passage. At any time, the teaching is there.

And now it’s available on my favorite platform.


I don’t know how to convey the depth of this accomplishment. I’ve worked in Windows and Macintosh software development, databases, semantic markup, Graphviz, expert systems, dynamic web client technology… They use all that, and more. Perhaps if I had a PhD in Hermaneutics I’d be qualified to join in the work. But for now, I can just enjoy learning.



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