Tweets for Today

  • 05:35 Command performance of Mr. Dog gets daughter out of bed, moving for school… #
  • 09:09 Back from family hike. To celebrate, Laika-dog rolled in cow poop. She’s crusty with it and very happy. Lucky she picked wife side of bed… #
  • 10:06 Big moth in the kitchen. Outside rock-colored, inside wing like Monarch butterfly. Let it go out the window. Beautiful day… #
  • 10:28 Fresh-made mashed potatoes and sirloin steak for lunch! Wow! #
  • 11:22 @chewbaccajones @primatepatio @mkb — are you guys going to start a band again? #
  • 11:23 Post-prandial crash. Must… Not… Sleep!.. I SUMMON THE POWER OF GREEN CHILE!! #
  • 11:28 Dude wants equal, 10-minute turns with the toy. Play-buddy wants turns with geometrically-increasing duration. Tough negotiations! #
  • 15:34 Is it reasonable to be cranky with kids after the 10th hour of providing childcare? Fortunately, I can recuse myself. I’m in time-out… #
  • 17:22 Mark: "Ultron! This is madness!" Ultron: "But it is a madness to which *you* have given birth!" Lucky Shakespearean actors are bad guys… #
  • 18:17 @mkb re: last name "robot" — Lisa’s last name was ‘Robatczek’; same word. Means ‘worker’ or (I suppose) ‘peasant’. (The ‘-czek’ = Prussia.) #

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