I am no Abraham

God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son – and Abraham was willing to do so.

I’m not Abraham; I’d tell God to go jump in the lake. Or take me instead.

It’s clear (to me) that God doesn’t expect us to be strong enough to put our loved ones before Him. It’s not a question of arrogating others to God-hood (although my wife is quick to accuse me of tech-idolatry), but rather the compassionate acknowlegment that we cannot encompass the divine as we can our fellow mortals.

Is it appropriate to love God the same way that we love our sons? Our dogs? Our fathers? When I think of this aspect of my relationship with God, I use the most powerful relationships in my life in order to reach at something beyond all of these. And I simply fail.

Quite likely that my ego is far too large. After all, I’m writing a damn blog post about it.

In any event, I think that this limitation that I have is the reason that God sent a Jesus to us: many Christians can have a personal relationship with God as Jesus. Or with Mary the mother. And — by the same route — with the Christian notion of God the father.

But God the holy spirit is a terrible thing. (terrifying). A God-fearing man submits to the will of the Lord.

How can I submit without breaking?


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